Inside the Theatre

Photo by Jeremy Riffe

As we used to look

A vintage look at our marquee

As we used to look

As we used to look

Assisting with the WW2 War Effort

World War 2 and the Pulaski Theatre


The Sting

the-stingFriday, October 3rd – First Friday Classic Movie – “The Sting”
Starring Paul Newman, Robert Redford, and Robert Shaw this 1973 Comedy Crime Drama is Rated PG. Doors open at 6:30pm. The movie starts at 7pm. Admission is $5 for adults and $3 for kids 12 and under.
In 1930s Chicago, a young con man seeking revenge for his murdered partner teams up with a master of the big con to win a fortune from a criminal banker.

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

cuckoos-nestFriday, September 5th – First Friday Classic Movie – “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”
This 1975 Drama stars Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher, and Michael Berryman and is Rated R. Admission is $5. Doors open at 6:30pm. The movie starts at 7pm.

McMurphy (Nicholson) has a criminal past and has once again gotten himself into trouble with the law. To escape labor duties in prison, McMurphy pleads insanity and is sent to a mental ward. Once here, McMurphy both endures and stands witness to the abuse and degradation of the oppressive Nurse Ratched (Fletcher), who gains superiority and power through the flaws of the other inmates. McMurphy and the other inmates band together to make a rebellious stance against the atrocious Nurse.

Brittany Marie Concert

Brittany Marie 1Upcoming musical talent Brittany Marie will be performing live on stage. Having just released her new single and music video, “Changed”, Brittany and her group will appear on our stage for the first time with Country, Southern Rock, and Acoustic entertainment. Please check out her website and Facebook page and keep an eye on OUR Facebook page for videos and more in the next few days.
Doors open at 6:30pm Showtime is 7:30pm
Advance ticket sales will be announced soon.
$10 Advance $12 At The Door
Saturday, August 16th

Blazing Saddles

blazingsaddlesFriday, August 1st – First Friday Classic Movie – “Blazing Saddles”
This 1974 Mel Brooks Comedy stars Gene Wilder, Cleavon Little, Slim Pickens, Harvey Korman, Madeline Kahn and is Rated R. Admission is $5. Doors open at 6:30pm. The movie begins at 7pm.
The Ultimate Western Spoof. A town where everyone seems to be named Johnson is in the way of the railroad. In order to grab their land, Hedley Lemar (Korman), a politically connected nasty person, sends in his henchmen to make the town unlivable. After the sheriff is killed, the town demands a new sheriff from the Governor. Hedley convinces him to send the town the first Black sheriff in the west. Bart is a sophisticated urbanite who will have some difficulty winning over the townspeople.

Summer 2014 Concert

bburg-community-bandOn Saturday, July 26th, the Blacksburg Community Band will be presenting their Summer 2014 concert at Pulaski Theatre. Their much loved concerts always have something for just about everyone, and we’re thrilled to have them return to our stage. We hope you’ll join us for this special event. Doors open at 6pm, the concert begins at 7pm.
Admission is $5 for adults and $3 for children, -OR- 3 non-perishable food items (not out-of-date please!) per person to be donated to our local food bank.
Come on out, see a great concert and help our community at the same time!

The Magnificent Seven

magnificent7Friday, July 11th – Movie “The Magnificent Seven”  We’re moving our First Friday Classic movie to the 2nd Friday in July due to the Independence Day holiday.
This 1960 Classic Western could be the king of all guy movies and is certainly in the top 10. This movie stars Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, and James Coburn, just to name a few.
When a bandit terrorizes a small Mexican farming village, the elders seek gunmen from the United States to defend their town. They end up with seven, each coming for a different reason. They prepare the town to resist the army of bandits. An Americanization of the film, Seven Samurai.
Doors open at 6:30pm. The movie starts at 7:00pm.
Admission is $5 for adults and $3 for children 12 and under.